Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Your garage door is a marvel with many moving parts and pieces that need to be taken care of. However of all the parts that in your garage door, the garage door springs might are really important. However due to the high tension they are under and the fact that they carry the weight of the door, they are prone to wearing out and breaking. This is when broken garage springs replacement becomes really important.

Types of garage door springs

There are two types of garage door springs that you might have on your door. The springs are either torsion springs or extension springs. Torsion springs are the most common types of springs on garage doors. They are made of torque springs wound on metal shafts. They are highly durable and pose less danger when they break. Extension springs on the other hand are relatively dangerous when they break which is why they are used together with safety cables. They are usually attached to the garage door tracks on the ceiling on each side of the door.

How to test your garage door springs

It is possible to test the garage door springs to determine whether you need broken garage springs replacement services or just tell whether the springs are giving in but not broken yet. Here are some simple tests that will tell you a lot about the life of your torsion and extension garage door springs.

Garage door springs tests

First, engage manual operation of the door by disengaging the automatic garage door opener. Then lift the door upwards. How heavy is the door as you lift it up? If it is extremely heavy then it means that the spring (s) are broken and will need replacement. If the springs are in working order the door should be easy to lift manually. Lift the door to the top position and release it. It should stay at the top position without need for you to hold it up there. It should also stay put without any movement. Close the door halfway and release it. The door should stay put at that position and it should be aligned well. If it seems to tilt on one side then it means one spring might be broken. When closed the door should also be aligned straight from end to end.